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Just for fun...

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Just for fun...

Postby JopieBK on Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:04 pm

...and clearly this is just made-up what ifs, but still in a world where 2007, 2008 and 2010 happened...

These are the results for the last nine races:
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Nico   2ND   1ST   2ND   1ST   DNF   1ST   4TH   2ND   2ND
Lewis   1ST   2ND   DNF   2ND   1ST   3RD   3RD   DNF   1ST
Daniel   3RD   3RD   1ST   DNF   3RD   6TH   1ST   1ST   5TH

(And out of interest, that's three wins apiece.) So it's not totally implausible that, um, say Russian doesn't happen...Lewis gets two wins, a fourth and a DNF, Nico gets a win, a fourth and two DNFs and Daniel gets a win, a second, a fourth and a fifth...

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Nico    238   DNF 238      4TH 250      1ST 275      DNF 275
Lewis   216   1ST 241      DNF 241      4TH 253      1ST 278
Daniel   166   2ND 184      1ST 209      5TH 219      4TH 231

Lewis leading by just three points going into Abu Dhabi, with its double-points wheeze.

Mercs lose their MGU-K whatevers again, have a total 'mare. Nico and Lewis running in sixth and seventh respectively surrounded by other cars and backmarkers, Daniel up ahead in front of the pack. So Nico wins the WDC if Merc hold position and he stays in front of Lewis...Lewis wins WDC if he can get past Nico...Daniel wins WDC if the Mercs drop out of the points through a collision...

I can imagine Toto Wolff waking up with cold sweats over this... :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:
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