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Postby Funkmother on Tue May 08, 2012 1:22 am

There were a couple of good races on the weekend in Auto GP at the Hungaroring. In the first race Adrian Quaife-Hobbs was dominant and romped off into the distance. The second race was reverse grid and it was good to see Adrian come through the pack to be challenging hard against Paul Vauhaug for the lead. It was a titanic struggle but Paul held on to clinch the second race and move up to second in the championship behind Adrian.

It was a big day of motorsport for me having also watched WTCC in the evening where the Chevvies were their normal dominant selves in round 1 although there was a surprise win in Budpest for local hero Norbert Michelisz in round 2. The cround went fairly bananas. :sinister:

That was in the evening following a day spent at Wakefield Park watching the various MRA (Motor Racing Australia) series. Over about 6 hours we saw various events including Superkarts, Minis (old and new style), Super TT, Sports Sedans, BMW E30s, Miniature Race cars (comprising Future Tourers and Aussie race cars), MGs and Oztrucks. It was a good days entertainment with no entry charge and parking about 20' from the spectator area. Now that's what I call good value!
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