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Weird English expressions

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Re: Weird English expressions

Postby f1datavis on Sun Sep 21, 2014 8:43 am

Balue wrote:I used to think James Allen had a weird habit of describing time in hundreds and thousands of seconds when he was commentating F1, but now I hear Crofty doing the same.

For example: "six one hundreds of a second" (6 1/100 of 1 sec)


What else could the number describe than single parts? 6 dozen hundreds? Come on.. :roll:

And why is it different when speaking about tenths? Why not just say six hundreds as you do with tenths?

It baffles me. Anyone know why the English language is so cumbersome here?

Just going back to the original point here, six one hundredths is the correct way of describing fractions in English, in the case where the denominator is 100. Equally accurate to describe it as '3 fiftieths' or '12 two hundreths', but cumbersome. Note the error in the above quote, it is incorrect to say 'six one hundreds' but correct to say 'six one hundreths' - note the spelling and pronunciation difference. I have never heard an English speaking commentator describe the former, but regularly the latter.

You would also say 'three eigths' for 3/8 or 'four fifths' for 4/5. Identical syntax for six one hundredths. Completely accurate and fine. The difference I think is that it is equally correct to describe numbers as fractions as it is decimals.

There is a long tradition in timing and Motorsport to account using tenths, hundredths and thousandths of a second, hence the description. We are talking fractions of a second, hence the usage.
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