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Postby Lyria on Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:22 pm

I'm sorry but I'm furious :angryfire: :argh: :banghead: :rant: I just want to blow off some steam, so I'm going to tell you what's made me so mad today.

Now I like to do my bit for charity as most people do. We often get charity collection bags put through our door and some are for what I'd call proper charities and others are a waste of time, made up charities that just want to get hold of your clothing so they can make money. Now one of the charities I always try to donate to is the local Air Ambulance charity. Today I put all the clothing and so on, that we'd been saving up for months, in their collection bag and put it out for them as requested.

I know it was there at 8.15am but by 9am it was gone. So imagine my disgust later on when the collection van came round. I did go out to the driver and explain what had happened and he said I wasn't the first to tell him the same thing today. What sort of scum steals clothing put out for charities? It's a particularly sick thing to do and I hope they never get into an accident and need the helicopter to come and help them, they sure as hell don't deserve it after doing something like that to them.

Those helicopters are run entirely on donations from the public and for them to have their money taken from them like that just sickens me more than I can say.
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Re: Disgusted!

Postby Paul on Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:24 pm

I'm with you there big time L.
I gave a bunch of American shirts to "charity" and found them the following week on private sale in the local market. I took the Pikey bitch to task on it , and found out her expletive vocabulary outweighed mine ten fold.

FILTHY SCUM :banghead:

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