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Interforum League 2013

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Interforum League 2013

Postby pob on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:55 pm

The season is about to start, so it's time for you to make your predictions for this year's interforum league.

If you are late joining, don't worry, you will get some points for each race you missed (usually 20), and you will still help the forum in the league.

After a year out last season :yaynot: I'm hoping grandprix will return with a vengeance :yay: Don't worry if there's not may of you taking part, because of the scoring system, you don't need lots of participants to do well, and after all you have Lyria who made it onto the 2011 photo for finishing in the top 100. 8)

For anyone new to the game, here is how to play:
Register on zdkf1 and start your nickname with “gp_”. (If you forget, please edit your nickname here.)
Add the other entrants whose nicknames start with “gp_” as your friends.
For each race, predict the top 10 finishers, the pole position and pole time.
The prediction deadline is 10pm (GMT) on the Thursday before the race (except Monaco).
How the scoring works on zdkf1

Anyone returning to play from 2011, could you please edit your nickname to start with "gp_" here as it will make it easier for me to tell you are representing

Good luck everyone! :beer:
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Re: Interforum League 2013

Postby pob on Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:30 am

End of Season Results

Cliptheapex just manage to hold off not606 to take their first league title by a slender 5 points.
click me for trophy

Final standings:

And here is the photo version. Players who finished in the top 100 on zdkf1 are pictured as drivers.
click me for photo version

Individual championship
Well done to abnash from cliptheapex for winning the individual championship. This is one better than last year when abnash was runner-up, missing out on the title by just three points.
click me for trophy
Abnash was 8th out of everybody on zdkf1, 29 points behind overall zdkf1 winner turbotom, so sushifiesta and rotaxmax remain the only interforum league players to ever win the zdkf1 championship.

Bernie medal
Pob from muzz606 takes the Bernie medal for most victories. Pob finished on the podium a total of five times.
click me for trophy
top 10:
Code: Select all
pos user       forum     wins 2nds 3rds
1  pob         muzz606     2    2    1
2  silverarrow not606      2    1    0
3  mustang     f1world     2    0    1
4  anti_stan   ja606       1    3    0
5  slyboogy    muzz606     1    1    1
6  roadrunner  not606      1    1    1
7  lotus88     f1technical 1    1    0
8  ramilas     cliptheapex 1    1    0
9  sardaor     cliptheapex 1    0    1
10 jostheboss  cliptheapex 1    0    0

6 tenths award
And a new award for the player who scored the most league points for his forum. I've never bothered with it before, as much like with the F1 driver's championship, it frequently goes to the same winner as under Bernie's medal system. However, this year the Alonso trophy for the six tenths award goes to abnash who scored a massive 124 points for cliptheapex.
click me for trophy
top 10:
Code: Select all
pos user       forum     points
1  abnash      cliptheapex 124
2  pob         muzz606     112
3  anti_stan   ja606       103
4  slyboogy    muzz606      96
5  andykarter  f1world      96
6  silverarrow not606       86
7  mustang     f1world      80
8  lotus88     f1technical  76
9  elbando     not606       72
10 ramilas     cliptheapex  69

Quali trophy
The rain in Brazil meant 0 points for everyone this week, so the Trulli trophy for the best pole time predictor goes to lotus88 from f1technical.
click me for trophy
top 10:
Code: Select all
pos user           forum     points
1  lotus88         f1technical 15
2  roadrunner      not606      14
3  wtcbu           ja606       13
4  manutddaredevil ja606       12
5  jambo           cliptheapex 12
6  redfrog         f1world     12
7  jb              not606      12
8  fred            not606      12
9  bls             not606      11
10 silverarrow     not606      11
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Re: Interforum League 2013

Postby pob on Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:00 am what can I do to entice you lot to play next season? :evil:
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